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Kim Ha-neul is a South Korean actress with 20 years of experience. She started as a Mã Sản Phẩm, và later she tried acting. Her television drama “Piano” reached 40% ratings at its peak, which led lớn her rising into popularity. Another successful drama that she has starred in is “Blind”. The drama led lớn her winning Best Actress at the 48th Grvà Bell Awards and the 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards. Recently, Kyên ổn Ha-neul has been busy with her new-born baby from her marriage with her businessman husband in năm 2016.

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Kim Ha-neul: Profile và Facts

Vogue MagazineName: Klặng Ha-Neul (김하늘)Nickname: Olive sầu, Kyên ổn SkyBirthdate: February 21, 1978Birthplace Seoul, South KoreaHeight: 167cmWeight: 45kgStar sign: PiscesBlood Type: BEducation: Seoul Institute of the Arts majoring in FilmOccupation: ActressYears active: 1996–presentAgent: SidusHQSpouse: Choi Jin-hyuk (m. 2016)Children: 1


While studying in Yang Kang Middle School, Kyên ổn Ha-neul was starting acting in small parts in school plays. From that day, she became sure about what she wanted khổng lồ vì chưng when it came to lớn deciding on a career. Upon the appreciation of her teachers, she continued lớn bởi it during her high school days at Keum Okay Girl’s High School. Apart from acting & watching films, she developed an interest in music và sports as well. While music kept her happy, playing outdoor sports played a major role in her being physically fit to lớn pursue a career in modelling, which she understood was the entry gate khổng lồ the films.

Kyên ổn Ha-neul started her career by modeling for clothing br& Storm in 1996. She then made her acting debut in the 1998 film “Bye June” alongside Yoo Ji-tae. In 1999, she starred in a medical drama film “Doctor K”, which earned her her first acting award nomination. In the same year, she made appearances in the television dramas “Happy Together” và “Inkhổng lồ the Sunlight”, & was featured in the music video for “To Heaven” by Jo Sung-mo. Later, she reunited with Yoo Ji-tae in 2000 sci-fi romance “Ditto”, & rose to fame as an actress. Her following films lượt thích “My Tutor Friend” & “Too Beautiful lớn Lie”, which belonged in the comedy genre, resonated well with audiences, và Klặng became more popular.

Klặng Ha-neul’s breakout role was in romance melodrama series “Piano”, in which she played a pure, fragile young woman. The series was the second most successful drama of 2001, achieving a peak rating of 40.2%. She then starred in 2002 hit Romance alongside Kyên Jae-won, which led her to stardom và won her Top Excellence Award in acting.

Continuing with comedy roles for many years following that, she experimented with the thriller film “Blind”, which got her a Gr& Bell Award & a Blue Dragon Film Award for her performance. A big film star, she is quite popular among mỏi TV audiences as well as with her roles in the broadly successful series’ such as “On Air”, “Romance” & “A Gentleman’s Dignity”.

In her recent movie “Misbehavior”, she suggested lowering the level và subduing the tone of the bed scenes. Her co-star, Lee Won Geun, also spoke about the scenes, which have sầu garnered attention in the truyền thông media. “When you watch the film, those scenes won’t st& out,” she said. “I think that’s for the best. I appealed lớn the director. If the bed scenes stand out too much, I felt that it would distract from what he wanted ‘Misbehavior’ to show & from why I chose to bởi the movie.” This movie got her a nomination for Best Actress at 22nd Chunsa Film Art Awards and 26th Buil Film Awards.

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Did Kyên ổn Ha-neul Undergo Plastic Surgery?


Her appearance from her past pictures compared to her current state surprisingly do not have sầu any major differences. She uploaded the picture above sầu while she starred at drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity”. The photo lớn then got a lot of responses from the public, saying that she really hasn’t changed much. She already had that pointy nose & big eyes lớn begin with. The pholớn shows that Klặng Ha-neul didn’t undergo any plastic surgery. Until now, she has kept her natural beauty.

Klặng Ha-neul’s Wedding, Husbvà và Daughter


Kim Ha-neul got married to her boyfriover on March 19, năm 2016. Her husband is one year younger & is a businessman. They have been in a serious relationship for a year & have sầu decided lớn get married after careful consideration. Kyên Ha-neul confirmed her wedding date after denying reports that say she got married a month before. The confirmation of her wedding camein October 2015 by her late agency, SM C&C.

In an interview, she was asked if she had any special plans with her husbvà, to lớn which she answered, “There’s a place that we liked lớn go to when we were dating, so I think we’re planning on going there again.” She was also asked if there is a body part that she is confident in, và she answered her eyes. But when asked what her husband thought was pretty about her, she pointed to the sides of her head where her temples are located. She thought that it’s lovable, even though it’s quite weird.

On May 28, her current agency Sidus HQ said, “Kim Ha-neul recently gave sầu birth to lớn a daughter. The mother và baby are both healthy.” News of her pregnancy was announced October 2017, and she received many congratulatory messages. After taking a break from promotions to focus on prenatal care, she gave birth lớn a beautiful daughter.