Khu công nghiệp phúc sơn ninh bình


Phuc Son IP located near the National Highway No. 1A connecting the North to the South of Vietnam; nearby the new Highway No. 1B and attached to the Highway No. 10 passing through Thai Binh to Hai Phong Seaport

Location: Phuc Son Industrial Park, Ninh Son and Ninc Phuc Commune, Ninh Binc City, Ninh Binch Province, Vietnam

Scope: 129.66 ha (Vacant land: 5.9ha)

Operation period: Up lớn 28th April 2066.

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Fields of investment appeal:Manufacture of precision electronic & mechanical products;Machine engineering production; automotive sầu & motorbike production or assembling industryConstruction materials production;Manufacture of wooden products; textile và shoes;Consumer good production, food processing and pharmaceuticals;And other kinds of production as approved by Ninc Binch Authority.


Location: Phuc Son Industrial Park, Ninc Son & Ninh Phuc Commune, Ninch Binc City, Ninc Binc Province, Vietnam

Distance from Phuc Son IP lớn significal locations:

115 km far from Noi Bai International Airport.95 km far from Hanoi City – 1h10 by oto.100 km far from Hai Phong Seaport – 2 hours by car98 km far from Nghi Son seaport (Thanh hao Hoa Province).5km far from center heart of Ninch Binch Province.3km far from Ninch Binh General Hospital, Ninch Binch Province2km far from Ninh Binc Railway Station.256 km far from Huu Nghi Port (Lang Son – China) 5h by oto.


Lvà is leveled & filled up with sand with compaction K>=0.9. Ready for construction.



The traffic roads inside IPhường. are planned in square pattern, convenient khổng lồ access to each lvà lot. + Main road: 36 m in width. + Branch road: 17.5 m & 13.5m in width.Lighting system is equipped alongside all the roads.



Two Sub-stations of 110/35kV – 40 MVA; 63,000 KVA per one. The electriđô thị will be supplied lớn the lvà border of all tenants & will be increased khổng lồ meet the consumption of investors. The IPhường. commits khổng lồ supply enough electricity for enterprises when the dem& increased. Electriđô thị fee will be regulated by Ecả nước Ninc Binh.



Water supply plant will has been operated with capacity of đôi mươi,000 m3/ day. Water supply capathành phố may increase to lớn meet consumption dem& of enterprises.Rainwater & wastewater drainage systems are separately built.



Wastewater processing plant has been built with current capađô thị of First Phase 1,200 m3/day.Waste water of all tenants must be processed internally at the factories lớn meet B standard (QCVN-2011/BTNMT) before being discharged inlớn the comtháng waste water pipe of the Industrial Zone, the Lessor is responsible khổng lồ take further treatment in order khổng lồ meet the required standard of governmental regulations. The wastewater treatment capađô thị may increase to lớn meet consumption dem& of enterprises.


The modern and international standardized telecommunication system is always available for communication demand, high & stable data transmission speed và domestic and local communication service.

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Corporate Income Tax (CIT): Exemption within first 2 years & deduction một nửa within 4 following years from the first year of investment project in revenue

Land Use Tax: This tax will be exempted up to lớn 28th April 2031.

Value Added Tax (VAT): 0% for export processing enterprise (EPE)

Oversea profit transfer tax: 0%

Exemption of Export-Import Tariff:

+ For equipment, machines (accessories) and transportation means specially used in technological line, and building materials that are not available in the country and must be imported.

+ Projects of encouraging investment; và projects of spare parts, engineering accessories, electricity, và electronics production are exempted import tariff for raw materials within 5 first years from business production.

+ Raw materials, accessories và materials imported for manufacturing export products.



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