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A peek at the exterior parts of our Spoon S2000 Demo Car as get it ready lớn send khổng lồ Tristar Autobody toàn thân & Paint.

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ASM S2000 CR Demo Car: Suspension, Chassis Braces, & Other Bits

June 4, 2013 by Aaron in ASM, ASM S2000 CR Demo Car, Spoon

After getting started on the exterior of our ASM S2000 CR Demo Car we move on lớn the other parts of the oto.


As always, we lay out the parts và plan out the installation procedure to lớn make sure things are installed in an efficient order.

First we lower the front subframe. This allows for installation of a number of parts such as the Spoon Subframe Rigid Collars.


The lowered subframe also makes it easier khổng lồ remove sầu the steering raông chồng bolts which need to be replaced lớn accommodate the longer bolts of the ASM Front Bump Steer Kit. At the same time, this gives us an opportunity lớn install the ASM Front Tower Bar GT -Short và the ASM Front Lower Arm Bar GT -Short. Both of which also require removing the steering rack bolts. The “-Short” denotation refers to versions of these bars that are specifically designed to accommodate the 20mm spacer that is installed below the steering raông chồng. This picture is a great representation of how the whole system works together. The ASM Front Tower Bar GT connects khổng lồ the rear bolts of the steering raông chồng khổng lồ the front shock towers while the ASM Front Lower Arm Bar GT connects the front bolts of the steering raông chồng lớn the sway bar mounting point on the body. These two bars combined adds 4 additional points of triangulation between the toàn thân & the subframe. In addition khổng lồ the rigid collars, the subframe feels as one with the rest of the car & suspension feel and response is dramatically improved.

The ASM Front Bump Steer Kit reduces front bump steer on lowered cars by spacing the steering raông xã up và bachồng to correct the angle of the tie rod lớn the knuckle. You can also see the mounting point of the ASM Front Lower Arm Bar GT khổng lồ the front bolts of the steering raông xã.

The ASM Front Lower Arm Bar GT has 2 components to lớn it. The first part reinforces the rear section of the front subframe khổng lồ decrease flex in the open part of the subframe. The second part is the section that braces front steering raông chồng mount on the subframe lớn the sway bar bracket attachment point on the body.

Moving on to lớn the rear part of the steering raông xã, the ASM Front Tower Bar GT attaches lớn the shoông chồng towers và then down to lớn the rear bolts of the steering rachồng. This further prevents subframe flex & ties crucial suspension buy viagra without a prescription points together for a very direct suspension feel.

Another vật phẩm that can be addressed while installing the ASM Front Lower Arm Bar GT is the ASM Front Adjustable Stabilizer Bar since one of the mounting points is already removed. The ASM Front Adjustable Stabilizer Bar is designed to be cthua kém to lớn factory spec but offers 3 steps of adjustment. Excessive body roll should be addressed with harder springs, not harder sway bars. ASM Stabilizer bars are designed for fine tuning the overall balance of the car with 3 steps of adjustment. You can also see the mounting position of the ASM Front Lower Arm Bar GT

We also have sầu some Spoon bits to lớn install up front. First up, a mix of Spoon Full Spec Dampers with the standard 14kg/mm front springs. We’ve sầu had great experience with these using them on all our Demo cars.

To increase the camber range of the front suspension we use Spoon Offmix Ball Joints which are made of stainless steel instead of aluminum. These increase the amount of negative sầu camber range by 2.5 degrees.

Can’t forget a mix of Spoon Monobloc Calipers. These rotors have taking a beating on traông xã but that’s the great thing about Spoon calipers, OEM sized rotors are used so replacements are cheap & readily available.

Here we can see many of the components how they all interact with each other in one shot.

Moving on lớn the rear over we finish up the rigid collar installation with the rear subframe.

Then the rear coilovers of the Spoon Full Spec Damper Kit with the standard 12kg/milimet springs.

To reduce rear bumper steer và allow for independent camber & toe adjustment we installed a set of Spoon Rear Control Arms. These are made of stainless steel for maximum durability and strength unlượt thích most aftermarket manufacturers who use aluminum.

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The ASM Rear Stabilizer Bar completes the set lớn allow for fine tuning of balance.

The Spoon Rear Cross Beam Bar replaces the weak factory one.

Tying the front and rear subframes together for an additional point of reinforcement we installed the ASM Floor Ladder Bars. These attach rear most attachment point of the front subframe to lớn the forward most attachment point of the rear subframe.

When the ASM Floor Ladder Bar is used in conjunction with the Front Lower Arm Bar GT, the Front Ladder Bar GT is required due to clearance issues.

A view of the all the front components installed.

All the rear components installed.

Moving on khổng lồ the engine bay we installed the iconic Spoon Yellow Valve sầu Cover.

Topped with a Spoon Carbon Kevlar Plug Cover.

Can’t forget the Spoon Oil Cap và Spoon Radiator Cap.

The ASM Oil Filter Bracket prevents the oil filter from coming loose during racing conditions.

An ASM Steet Oil Catch Tank catches blow-by oil through the PCV systems. This keeps the intake manifold & valves clean from blow-by oil buildup over time. On the race track, the catch tank catches a significant amount of oil.

For increased durability and capađô thị, we installed an ASM Radiator Overflow Tank.

The most eye-catching part of the engine bay is the ASM Ram Air Cleaner. Jointly developed by GruppeM, the ASM Ram Air Cleaner provdes fresh air from the grill area và has a ram air effect to force air into the air filter creating more power at speed. The large section after the filter provides a large volume of air on tap in front of the throttle body toàn thân for a svào initial throttle response. A beautiful carbon finish & smooth internals tops it all off.

The front radiator support is closed with the ASM Radiator Plate for the ASM Intake.

So we don’t have sầu lay the factory hood prop on the intake system, we installed a mix of GReddy Hood Lifters.