Ji hyun woo và yoo in na


On/Off Screen Lovers, Yoo In-mãng cầu và Ji Hyun-woo

Yoo In-mãng cầu (born on June 5th, 1982) is a pretty và charming actress & a radio DJ from South Korea. She used to be a trainee và nearly became a girl group thành viên but she quit due khổng lồ her lack of talent in nhảy đầm. Under YG Entertainment, Yoo In-na spread her wings as an aspiring actress & she is already known for her role in You Are The Best! (2013), Wedding Bible (2014), as well as My Secret Hotel (2016). She is also a radio DJ of Let’s Crank Up the Volume.

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Yoo In-na’s first leading role was in a tvN’s drama Queen & I (2012). Even though it was her first, she drew the public’s attention with her acting skills and her sweet on-screen romance with Ji Hyun-woo. Ji Hyun-woo is a famous South Korean actor và musician. People shipped them so much as they showed such great on-screen chemistry. Well, the time has come for them to declare that they choose lớn be an off-screen couple, as well. Let’s take a look at their hit love history!

The Fearless Declaration


In 2012, Yoo In-mãng cầu and Ji Hyun-woo were co-stars in tvN’s television series Queen & I and they were both playing the leading roles as lovers. Yoo In-na starred as Choi Hee-jin, the modern và unsuccessful actress who played Queen In-hyun in the upcoming drama, she meets Ji Hyun-woo as Kim Bung-vì, a noble-born scholar from the Joseon Dynasty, who traveled through time where he met Choi Hee-jin and fell in love sầu with her. Their kissing scene was so remarkable that many people just believed that they were an actual couple just by seeing them on-screen.

On June 7th, 2012, after the last broadcast, the casts of Queen and I held a người meeting to celebrate the ending of the drama. During the cast interviews, Ji Hyun-woo surprisingly declared that he was in love with Yoo In-na! He said, “I wanted khổng lồ confess this in front of all the fans that have shown us so much support for the drama. I genuinely lượt thích Yoo In-mãng cầu.” The sudden statement made people speculating so much since both of their agencies didn’t give sầu any clarifications for days và kept quiet.

Captured Secretly Having a Date


Yoo In-na & Ji Hyun-woo were once captured secretly having a date at a park near Yoo In-na’s trang chính in Bundang, Kyeonggivị on June 17th, 2017. The lovebirds were reported of strolling around the neighborhood romantically & acting quite intimate.

Ji Hyun-woo’s statement and their appearance made people question Yoo In-na’s upcoming appearance in We Got Married with Hyun-woo since the cast in that reality show are the ‘untaken’ celebrities, who are khổng lồ make a true response between each other without worrying any partner.

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Other than the secret date, Yoo In-na và Ji Hyun-woo have been reported of spending their time together styling their hairs at a salon tóc. The staff became aware of their relationship because they looked lượt thích a real couple. The two also seemed khổng lồ be very close on the shooting location making intimate gestures as a happy couple in love.


Official Announcement

One day after the paparazzi published their secret date, Yoo In-mãng cầu finally clarified her relationship on June 18th, at KBS’ Yoo In Na’s Turn Up the Volume radio show.


Regarding Ji Hyun-woo’s previous shocking confession, Yoo In-mãng cầu was very shocked because of that. After that moment, she only thought about talking lớn hlặng, “After this sự kiện, I think we’ll have sầu to lớn talk about this and refrained from speaking too much.” She continued to tell what Ji Hyun-woo said, “So when the event ended, I asked hlặng why he did that. He then told me that he has never said, ‘Mom, buy this for me’ or ‘I really want this’ about anything or felt a need for something. For the first time, he felt greedy, that he didn’t want lớn let me slide away. I was hesitant at first, but it was so innocent & I was very grateful. I felt his honesty with every glance và every word. I felt his sincerity & innocence from his brave sầu confession.” How sweet is he!

Yoo In-mãng cầu continued her story, “I thought about if it is something I’m allowed lớn vì but I started having faith. At first, I told Ji Hyun-woo khổng lồ give sầu me one week khổng lồ think but I actually contacted hlặng only 2 days after. While walking in the park together, I told him “Since Queen & I is over, let’s begin Yu In-na’s Man.” This is the ultimate uwu!


She then closed her story with a message to lớn Ji Hyun-woo on the radio show, “I like you. I know now. Thank you for showing me faith.” Now we know that Yoo In-na used to lớn be confident và had strong faith because of Ji Hyun-woo’s bravery. Yoo In-mãng cầu added, “If you are listening, please quit smoking like you promised. Smoking is very unhealthy.” She seemed lớn care about Ji Hyun-woo’s acting, how cute!

Few months after the official announcement, Ji Hyun-woo enlisted for his military service, so it would seem that Yoo In-mãng cầu should be more patient.

Not A Happy Ending


In May 2014, when Ji Hyun-woo was discharged from his military service a month earlier, Yoo In-mãng cầu didn’t show up at Ji Hyun-woo’s discharge ceremony. According to some sources, they had already ended their relationship even before Ji Hyun-woo’s discharge. Yoo In-na’s agency YG Entertainment said that she couldn’t make it due to lớn her busy schedule in Đài Loan Trung Quốc, but that her relationship was doing well.

Opposite from YG Entertainment, Ji Hyun-woo’s source said that Ji Hyun-woo announced their break up at the discharge ceremony because it was inappropriate if he announced it before his discharge. Well, seems lượt thích the two are no longer a couple, but they might be still supporting each other as a good companion.